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Albert Whale

President / Chief Security Officer
IT Security, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA
Albert Whale is the President and Chief Security Officer of IT Security, Inc. IT Security is a Certified Veteran owned, expert security consulting company with more than 30 years of professional experience in protecting your organization’s most valuable information. We have successfully protected clients ranging from small to Global businesses, financial institutions, federal agencies, and all five branches of the military.

Roughly 60% of all organizations go out of business within six months of a cyber-attack according to the National Cyber Security Alliance. Most organizations using legacy solutions and traditional security tools for their cyber security are no match for today’s new class of sophisticated hackers. Small and medium sized organizations serve as an easier, vulnerable target offering a low risk, high reward scenario for hackers creating the ideal setting for a costly data breach that will lead to significant loss of assets, reputation, and client trust. After suffering a data breach, organizations are subjected to a host of privacy and data protection fines and significant costs.

IT Security, Inc. executes penetration testing using our exclusive Assessment and Auditing programs that isolate the same vulnerabilities a hacker will exploit on your network or servers. We remove those vulnerabilities with our custom solutions that create and maintain significantly stronger and safer IT environments for your critical information keeping hackers out, production environments secure, and compliance cleanup costs minimized. Most businesses are completely unaware of their system’s blind spots regarding the cyber threat landscape; stay ahead of the cyber security curve and allow us to safeguard your production environment.

Protect your organization’s most valuable assets from becoming a target for cyber criminals in a cost effective, secure manner with our advanced threat protection services.

Areas of Expertise
Analysis & Monitoring Application Security Compliance Enterprise Security Mobile Security Network Protocol Security Penetration Testing Vulnerability Assessment