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Dr. Chase Cunningham

Director Cyber Threat Research and Innovation at Armor/Founding Member Armor TRU Team
Dallas/Fort Worth Area
Navy Veteran with more than 15 years experience in Cyber Forensic and Analytic Operations and offering deep technical expertise, advanced education, various certifications and operational experience seeks to provide an employer with an unrivaled level of performance and know how in the realm of cyber operations and forensic analysis. With operations experience ranging from cyber forensics, analytics, and offensive and defensive cyber operations gained while functioning in highly technical and operationally demanding work centers within the NSA, CIA, FBI and other government agencies this candidate offers a diverse and directly applicable skill set and knowledge base that will be a boon for any organization involved in the myriad of cyber operations.

Areas of Expertise
Analysis & Monitoring Anti-Malware Application Security Counterespionage and TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) Cryptography Cybercrime Database Security Denial of Service DoD IA (Department of Defense Information Assurance) IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems Incident Response ISO 27001 Managed Security Services NIST Penetration Testing Phishing Privacy Professional Certification Secure Virtualization Security Metrics Social Engineering Threat Intelligence VoIP Security Vulnerability Assessment Website Security Wireless Security







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