SECUR1TY is the best way to hire security and IT experts.

SECUR1TY's products and services are designed with a singular mission in mind - to make hiring top security and IT talent faster, smarter, and more affordable for companies of all sizes.

By combining machine intelligence with human guidance, SECUR1TY will fill your open positions at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting solutions.

Our solutions save you time and money, by eliminating frustrating and time-consuming aspects of sourcing and hiring the right security and IT talent.

Our Solutions

SECUR1TY Marketplace

SECUR1TY's industry-leading marketplace is an online workplace enabling companies to help themselves by drawing upon thousands of security, clearance, compliance, and IT experts who specialize in cybersecurity, physical security, and IT services.

No other online marketplace has the focus and concentration of experts that SECUR1TY Marketplace has. Hire and pay your security and clearance experts seamlessly via this solution.


  • Highly-Qualified Freelance Candidates

  • Self-Serve Platform

  • Unmatched Cost & Time Savings

  • No-Risk Trial


SECUR1TY's Cloud Tools empower companies - from enterprises to startups teams - find the right security and IT talent on their own. Our tools are like having an internal recruiting team, at a fraction of the cost.

  • SECUR1TY Grader - Get your security grade and see what remediation steps are needed, along with suggestions of talent you can hire.

  • SECUR1TY Search Engine - Search for products, vulnerabilities, and advice from experts in our knowledgeable.

  • SECUR1TY Alerts - Follow top security issues and remain up-to-date via free, automated alerts.

  • SECUR1TY Agent - Coming soon, our proprietary candidate sourcing tool integrates with our internal database and LinkedIn to find and contact passive candidates on your behalf. SECUR1TY Agent will save you up to 75% on your next hire.


  • Easy-To-Use

  • Source Candidates Quickly

  • Highly Cost-Effective

  • Save up to 75% Versus Traditional Recruiters


SECUR1TY combines machine intelligence with human guidance, drawing upon our internal tools and our proprietary database of vetted security, security clearance, and IT candidates. As a result, clients using our Talent Acquisition services find that SECUR1TY saves 25% over traditional IT recruiting companies.

SECUR1TY will find and place candidates that your internal recruiting staff are having trouble placing, from CISOs, CISSPs, Active DoD Security Clearances, Penetration Testers, and Application Security Managers to DevOps Engineers and Cloud Engineers.


  • Proprietary, Vetted Candidate Database

  • Machine Intelligence Improves Candidate Matches

  • High-Touch Service via our Talent Acquisition Team

  • Save Up to 25% Versus Traditional Recruiters

Our Team

Our Executive Team brings together over 50 years of recruitment and technology experience, and has successfully completed over 1,000 full-time placements for a variety of diverse companies. SECUR1TY is the result of all of the significant efforts of members of our team since the inception of the company.

Our Executive Team includes:

  • Gene Fan, CEO. Gene is an experienced cybersecurity CEO, with over 10 years experience as an entrepreneur and as board member. Gene also has extensive experience in the security consulting field, leading security consulting engagements with both Fortune 500 companies and SMBs. Gene graduated from Harvard University with an honors degree in Computer Science.

  • Gloria Wiladsen, CTO Gloria serves as CTO for SECUR1TY.com, making key decisions on hiring and strategy. She has extensive experience in back-end software development, with over 20 years of experience with numerous organizations including iMentor, and contributes to various community software and open source efforts.

  • Christina Sarracino, VP Marketing. Christina has worked extensively in public relations and marketing in the security and technology industry, representing consumer and enterprise technology companies ranging from startups to large, established corporations.

  • Natasha Malinsky, Managing Director. Natasha has extensive experience within the security industry, and has over 10 years experience both as an entrepreneur and in technical recruiting.

  • Melisa Kir, Business Development and Talent Acquisition. Melisa has over 20 years of experience in the IT and security recruiting field.

  • Elisabeth Romanow, Talent Advisor. Elisabeth has experience with IT recruitment with previous stints at Robert Half, and other recruiting agencies.

Our development team consists of engineers and designers from the United States who are members of our expert network.

Our Investors

SECUR1TY would not be possible without the support of our investors, who include Highline Venture Partners, and Tola Capital.