Case Study

Penetration Testing for Enterprise SaaS Company

The Client

Enterprise SaaS Company


Penetration Testing



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What the business needed

A fast-growing enterprise SaaS company provides workflow software specially designed for the entertainment industry, including media conglomerates such as Sony and NBC Universal. The company is required to undergo quarterly third-party penetration tests, and provide detailed reports, in order for Sony and NBC Universal to continue using its software.

How SECUR1TY helped

The CTO posted the confidential Penetration Testing project on the SECUR1TY platform. After receiving multiple bids from experts in several countries, management selected an experienced pen tester based in the U.S., who was also available for an in-person consultation. The expert completed the project successfully and received a 5 star rating from the business.

What the client said

"I need to provide quarterly penetration testing reports to my biggest customers, and I'm required to use a different provider each time. SECUR1TY takes the pain out of identifying the best experts, saving me valuable time. I'm glad to be part of the SECUR1TY community. "