Case Study

Security Training for Family Office in Financial Industry

The Client

Family Office


Physical/Cyber Risk Review and Training



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What the business needed

The family office of a recently-wealthy entrepreneur needed a comprehensive security program developed, comprising both physical security and cybersecurity components. Of great concern were the entrepreneur’s immediate family members, of college age, and ensuring that their Internet and social media habits did not put the family's well-being - both physical and online - at risk.

How SECUR1TY helped

The head of the family office posted the confidential project on SECUR1TY. Among the bids received, a highly-respected physical security firm, with an adjoining cybersecurity practice, stood out in its attention to detail. The family office engaged the firm and brought its security risk to a more acceptable level.

What the client said

"If it had not been for SECUR1TY, we would not have identified the security firm that we chose to implement our security program. We are grateful to SECUR1TY to their role in increasing transparency of the security industry, and making it easy to engage security personnel. "

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