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SECUR1TY experts and vendors are guaranteed to be paid for the work that they successfully complete for clients on the SECUR1TY platform.

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Get in front of customers searching for experts with your expertise. By creating your SECUR1TY profile, you will appear in our search results.

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Free tools, expert forum, and search engine to get you started. Track progress of each project to completion. Leave and receive feedback upon project completion.

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As the world's only security marketplace designed to bring the entire security industry together, SECUR1TY provides you and your company with a unique forum to get in front of a dedicated audience looking for security answers and consultants.

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free alarm system for your site at SECUR1TY
free alarm system for your site at SECUR1TY

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Your SECUR1TY Profile represents your membership in the security industry. Be found for new opportunities by those companies and colleagues looking for your expertise and achievements.

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"In addition to the selection of interesting projects from around the world, SECUR1TY's platform allows me to focus my time on things I care about - instead of worrying about things like billing and marketing. SECUR1TY also allows me to accept credit card payments instantly and effortlessly."

- Nicole Becher, Penetration Tester

free alarm system for your site at SECUR1TY

Connect with Colleagues and Experts

SECUR1TY connects the security world and makes it social.

We connect security experts and vendors with those interested in all areas of security.

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SECUR1TY provides guaranteed payments

SECUR1TY experts and vendors are guaranteed to be paid for the work that they successfully complete for clients on the SECUR1TY platform.

We handle your billing so you can focus on your security expertise, instead of administrative logistics.

We handle credit card payments via Stripe, so you can instantly accept credit cards from around the world.

SECUR1TY connects top security and compliance experts with companies around the world. Our global talent force come from some of the most prestigious universities and companies.

  • Sharpen your Security Skills

    Improve your security skill set, with interesting freelance and part-time opportunities from top companies around the world. And make the world a more secure place, while you're at it.

  • Enhance your SECUR1TY Reputation

    With each project you complete, and every post and pro tip you submit, you build your SECUR1TY profile. This way, other experts and companies looking for your solutions and interests can find them.

  • Share Best Practices

    Share security tips and best practices with other members, experts and companies. All of your Posts and Pro Tips get indexed into the SECUR1TY Search Engine, making it possible to find your contribution. By contributing, you help build the largest organized repository of security and compliance information in the world.

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