1. What is SECUR1TY?
Security. Easier.

SECUR1TY is the 1-Stop Marketplace for security and compliance. We provide an easy, trusted way for businesses to connect with top-vetted security contractors and experts. In addition, we also provide free security tools to help make security easier - including a security search engine, and website security grading tool.
2. Who can use SECUR1TY?
Everyone! We have built our search algorithms to get smarter the more people use our site. We also encourage you to contribute your content by publishing Pro Tips on SECUR1TY. This way, your knowledge can get indexed and can benefit other people. By contributing content to SECUR1TY, you also get recognized for your contribution.
3. What does SECUR1TY do that Google doesn't or can't?
If you search for "Poodle" on Google, you'll get a page full of links and images about Poodle (the dog). If you search for "Poodle" on SECUR1TY (try it!) you'll get a targeted set of results that describe the vulnerability, and also listing experts who have dealt with that problem.
4. What is a SECUR1TY Grade?
We want to make security understandable to all, so we developed a simple, security grading system that is easy to understand. Our security grading system allows you to evaluate website security on an A, B, C scale (try: jetblue.com ). Our technology examines the components used to build a website to provide a security grade that you can use as a data point for your evaluation of the services you use and of the third-party vendors that you have. Our security grading system uses a 0 to 1000 point scale to evaluate the security of products and software components. For more detail, see our HELP section.
5. Why is it called SECUR1TY?
We call it SECUR1TY because our goal is for it to be the 1st place you go when looking for security answers. Security starts here.
6. What are some of the different ways I can use SECUR1TY today?
You can use SECUR1TY to answer security-related questions that you have, such as: 1. How secure are the website of my business partners? Search for them. 2. Who are penetration testers that I can hire? 3. How can I stay notified on updates to a vulnerability? Use the Follow button to create an alert 4. How can I stay notified about updates on vulnerable software components and products that I'm using?
7. What problems does SECUR1TY solve?
SECUR1TY solves the problem that while security is a critical problem, it's hard to find trusted and relevant security information, and it's hard to find the security experts and vendors that can help your business today. The best security information is siloed in proprietary databases and in the brains of security experts all around the world. SECUR1TY seeks to make the best security information searchable and universally accessible to all, by providing a forum where information can be liberated, and by providing transparency to the security industry.
8. Why does SECUR1TY offer security tools?
As we build our database of all things security, there are many ways to utilize the database aside from search queries. In particular, providing tools to help businesses easily assess their security is something that is straightforward to do and within our vision of making security universally accessible to all. Our vision for our security tools is to provide the tools that every business should be using to ensure a baseline of security. As our business grows, our security tools can also provide us with a source of revenue.
9. Specifically, what are the security tools that SECUR1TY offers?
Our most basic and ubiquitous tool is the Follow button. By clicking on Follow button (which is next to search results), you create an Alert. When there's an update to an item that you're following - for example, a software component such as a python package or ruby gem - you'll get a notification email. This is very useful to monitor products and software components for new vulnerabilities, for example.
We also provide a convenient Github scanning tool which checks your repository for packages and software libraries that have known security vulnerabilities.
10. How does the SECUR1TY Marketplace and the Project Submit form work?
When you are ready for your company to reach out to a security expert or consultant or compliance expert to solve a security problem or question, use our Project Submit tool to send a project to relevant experts in our community. We'll help filter the best bids and put you in touch with the top proposals. It's the key way that we help make solving security problems easier. For example, recently companies have used the Project Submit form to find PCI compliance experts, ISO 27001 compliance experts, and Penetration testers for their companies.