Zimbra Collaboration Suite 6.0.3

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Vulnerability History

Weakness Analysis

Related Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Severity Score Release Date Summary
CVE-2013-5119 6.8 Sept. 23, 2013

Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) 6.0.16 and earlier allows man-in-the-middle attackers to obtain access by sniffing the network and replaying the ZM_AUTH_TOKEN token.

CVE-2013-7091 5.0 Dec. 13, 2013

Directory traversal vulnerability in /res/I18nMsg,AjxMsg,ZMsg,ZmMsg,AjxKeys,ZmKeys,ZdMsg,Ajx%20TemplateMsg.js.zgz in Zimbra 7.2.2 and 8.0.2 allows remote attackers to read arbitrary files via a .. (dot dot) in the skin parameter. NOTE: this can be leveraged to execute arbitrary code by obtaining LDAP credentials and accessing the service/admin/soap API.